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PostHeaderIcon The visit of Karel Matocha from Rosnov, CZ

Please Join Us for a Relaxing Afternoon in the Country And Help us celebrate…

The visit of Karel Matocha from Rosnov, CZ

Time: Sunday, April 22, 2007, Beginning at 11:00 a.m.

Place: Vickie’s Farm

306 FM 609
Muldoon, Texas 78949 - Map

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An Ocean Away - Movie Promo Log on and tune in Sunday 29 January at 5:00pm CST at to hear Dale Throneberry's interview with "An Ocean Away" director Patrick Fries and film principals Linda Matocha Masur and Marine Andre Boersma as they discuss the journey that brought USMC LT Donald Matocha home from Vietnam.

PostHeaderIcon San Marcos Daily Record: ‘An Ocean Away'

The San Marcos Daily Record has an article entitled ‘An Ocean Away' which begins:
On April 4, 1968, a 10-man Marine reconnaissance team was sent out on a mission on Dong Ma Mountain in what was then the Republic of South Vietnam. They were to locate a North Vietnamese observation post on the south side of the mountain and destroy it. The Dallas Girl recon team made it to the top of Dong Ma the following day, but before they were able to destroy the observation post they were ambushed in a round of enemy fire. Twenty-three-year-old Second Lieutenant Donald Matocha was killed in the firefight and several other Marines were wounded. They radioed for help and CH-46 helicopter pilot Ron Gatewood and his team hoisted the men out one at a time.
Read the rest...

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2nd Lt. Donald Matocha

Matocha Family Photos from the "Cousin's Reunion" 2004

  • David Matocha's Snapshots -
  • Darrell Bacak's Snapshots -

Send your photos to David for inclusion on this page!

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Dave's Links:

David Matocha 281-341-7121