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Is anyone interested in doing family geneology on this website? I've just found out about a web-based geneology program which is compatible with the software used to run this website. The web-based geneology program is called PhpGedView:
PhpGedView is a revolutionary genealogy program which allows you to view and edit your genealogy on your website. PhpGedView has full editing capabilities, full privacy functions, can import from GEDCOM files, and supports multimedia like photos and document images. PhpGedView also simplifies the process of collaborating with others working on your family tree. Your latest genealogy information is always on your website and available for others to see.
More information can be found on the PhpGedView website: Please enter your feedback as comments...

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Is anyone using geneology software to keep track of the family records? If so, please check to see if it supports the gedcom data file format and then let me know. David

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I am currently working on a Matocha/Janacek family tree. Any information any one can get me will help.