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After all these years I need to speak to someone. I did not know the
LT., but I was part of trying to retrive his remains on the 6 th of April 1968. I was in on the first chopper that bad morning. I believe to this day I was in contact with your brother that day I moved a body to what I thought was the lz to be. I placed it near a boulder next to a bomb crater and returned to the top of the hill under heavy enemy fire. a short time later we where being taken off the hill and I was the last to get on the chopter. I was questioned a little bit about what i did that morning but all I said was I did move a body and could not tell who it was. Not until just recently did i hear he was just returned home. How sad i think did I fail, no I do not think so, but the government people did by not contacting those involved in the finding of our MIA's. I wish I had done more but I trust you understand . God Bless you all and America Semper FI.

Jerry Royce [sgt]

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To: Jerry Royce; Yes, I am anxious to be in touch with you regarding our brother's loss, recovery and return. Please contact me at this address: I feel sure you will be interested in knowing that on Feb. 9th. the Discover Military channel will air the documentary of our July trip to Vietnam, to meet the former N.Vietnamese soldier who helped lead the excavation team to the site where he had been buried. After all these years, please accept a grateful thank-you for your brave efforts, and those of so many other Marines,for we now know that more limbs and lives were lost in the attempt to recover our brother. I am anxious to hear from you. Donald's sister, Loretta